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Who you most truly are is who you are becoming. You are more yourself now than at any time in the past. Your future self is your true self. Time is not a one-way street. That only looks true through the lonely eyes of the ego. Your future self is already present with the patience and persistence you have needed to get here now. Are you ready for more life now?

give your future self Total Control.


When my mother accepted my offer to take care of her during her passing, I didn't know how we were going to manage the clinic schedule.


Out of necessity, I turned over all scheduling control completely into the more capable hands of divine providence, and was not dissappointed for an instant.


It was truly miraculous to see how as long as my mom was somewhat ambulatory, I was kept 100% busy with other people needing my care.


The day she could no longer get up to go the the bathroom, she needed me to attend to her care such as inserting catheters.


From that day through the day she passed, there was not one call from another soul needing assistance.


The chance of that happening spontaneously only exist in a random universe, which fortunately, is not where I live.


As Einstein said, "God does not play dice with the Universe."


What appears as statistical probability fields is simply a finer grain of activity than we can yet see.


Since that experience of the relief of giving over control of another part of life to the greater coherence of non-local control, I have been inspired to offer any other dark corners of egoic life up to spirit.


Your Future Self.


Because the nature of your Spirit is coherence, you can communicate with your future self through thought. 


Invite your future self to be fully present with you here and now.


​The vessel of your spirit, the grail, is made of superconducting, superfluid high spin condensates of the transition mineral group.


Fortunately, you don't have to fully understand the science of Dr. Glen's Clinical Theory of Everything to put it to work in your life.

pay it forward...

For Life.


In the spiritual economy, everything worthwhile is actually a gift.


And the full payment for any gift, in the Truth of this divine economy, is the gratitude radiated from the recipient. 


You can increase your own participation in the spiritual economy right now by giving more of your gifts to those who will appreciate them.


The beauty of spiritual gifts is that they are available to us in infinite supply from our common source.


We have forged those gifts as the flip side of the challenges life has thrown in our way.


There is no question in my mind that the profound cessation of 'negative' symptoms I had been experiencing was due to your healing....It was quite amazing to see how after a few years of searching for some answers, I obtained such immediate results from you.


Dixie in Colorado


Rev. Dr. Glen Swartwout, Founder

stop trying
Start Being.


Effort is a sign of an active ego struggling against the challenges that define your unique life.


This is an essential part of growth. It is how we develop our spiritual gifts.


But once we have a gift to give... and we all do... there comes a point where it is time to let go of the struggle, and give of ourselves to others.


You ARE the gift you have to give. Your unique experiences in life give you perspective to help others with their challenges.


As you start the process of identifying what is your authentic self, and dissolving the density patterns that keep your light from fully shining, you will begin to see that what is essentially you is not so much an identification with structure or form, but the experience of unity, both within and without.


Be the joy that your heart of hearts knows is truly you.



His presence, intellect and positive, yet open manner was always exemplary... It is my pleasure to recommend Glen Swartwout without reservation.


Dr. Harry Wachs, author of Thinking Goes to School

I noticed an increase in strength, especially in my bench press where I thought to have reached my 'non-gaining period' for over a year. My bench press went up 20 pounds more. Also, my squats (leg work out) increased greatly. It went from about 270 pounds to 335 pounds. I have tried supplements, but never before have I experienced physical gains like this and it all happened in a period of a month, which was when I was under treatment.


Harry Takiue, Jr., University of Arizona





Thank you so much for all your tender loving care. I feel so much healthier and stronger than when I first met you some months ago. I really feel like I'm strong enough now for my African adventure. It's something I've wanted to do for 12 years. I lived in East Africa for a year then, and have wanted to go back but the timing was never right until now. I wish you everything wonderful.


Barbara, Veterinarian in Montana

I have found that with God's help and working with Dr. Swartwout, nothing is impossible.


Rick in Hawai'i.



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